Nothing compares to quality health cover

Quality cover starts here

Here are 6 ways Bupa provides quality health cover for our members:

1. Privacy when it counts

We believe that the word ‘private’ should actually mean private. That’s why when your employees choose a basic or top hospital cover, they’ll be covered for a private room in most private hospitals across Australia*. We’ve also gone one step further. If they pre-book at Members First hospitals, they’ll receive a private room or they’ll get $50 back per night1.

2. National Home Doctor Service

We understand that illness can strike at any time, including after hours when a GP is not available. That’s why our members now have access to After Hours Plus from National Home Doctor Service. This means common medications can be prescribed on the spot, at no cost so the patient can start getting better sooner.

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3. Bupa Plus

Even when your employees are in great health, there are still plenty of ways to get everyday value thanks to Bupa Plus. We’ve recently introduced this program to provide access to an exclusive range of health discounts, tools and more to help our members live a healthier, happier life.

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4. Gap free for kids+

With our range of family packages, most kids dental and physio services are gap free at Members First providers. Plus selected optical packages are gap free for the whole family at Members First providers. Yearly limits apply.

5. More value with Members First extras providers

We’ve built great relationships with thousands of providers in our Members First network, which includes dentists, physios, chiros and optical providers nationwide. It means your employees have more choice, and in most cases, less to pay for your treatment. Depending on their choice of cover, they can get between 60% and 100% of the cost back (up to yearly limits) 6. 

6. Fewer surprises at hospital

To help our members eliminate or reduce out-of-pocket inpatients medical costs associated with their hospital stay, we developed our Medical Gap Scheme. And we’re continuing to make improvements to this scheme. For instance, in 2015 our members saved over $20 million in medical costs compared with the 12 months prior.


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*Private room covered at Bupa agreement hospitals, room availability and eligibility criteria apply.

1 Subject to availability and eligibility. Contact Bupa for more information. Private room must be booked and requested at least 24hrs before admission. For every night a private room is unavailable, you’ll receive $50 back per night from the hospital.

+ For most items covering dental, physio and optical. Fund and policy rules, and waiting periods apply. Child dependants only. Excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments.

For most items covering dental, physio, chiro, and selected optical packages. Fund and policy rules, waiting periods. Excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments.