Female coworkers brainstorming at table in board room discussing ways to improve their workplace environment.

Building healthier places: healthier places check in tool

Review the psychosocial and environmental aspects of your workplace to understand your organisational needs and areas for improvements.

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Building healthier places: Garmin activity trackers

Help employees track and monitor their activities to encourage more movement in their day.

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Young woman having back pain while sitting at desk in office

Building healthier places: workstation health pack

Prompts to help your people set up their workstation and move more throughout the day.

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Building healthier places: flu vaccination vouchers

Take advantage of our flu vaccination voucher offer and protect your workforce from the flu.

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Young people working on a startup office, all are at their desks very concentrated.

Building healthier places: musculoskeletal screenings

Help to detect and take measures to prevent back and posture problems for those in sedentary work.

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Building healthier places: ergonomic desk assessments

Consultations to review individual's workstation set up and on the spot adjustments to help prevent workplace injury.

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Functional movement at work shown by a man with a bench saw cutting wood

Building healthier places: functional movement assessments

Assessments for those working on their feet in active roles focussing on whole body movements.

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Young man reviewing health content on his laptop deep in thought.

Building healthier places: health content fact sheets

Both the World Health Organisation and the Australian government have identified the workplace as an important location for health promotion.

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Young businesswoman suffering with flu at work

Building healthier places: hygiene health packs

A useful reminder of the importance of good personal hygiene to help prevent outbreaks in your workplace.

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Woman at her desk with healthy breakfast bowl of fruit and oats.

Healthier bodies: Healthy eating care pack

Care pack for individuals to help them support and adopt healthy eating practices at work and at home.

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Leader of the team standing in front of group of colleagues looking happy and relaxed

Supporting healthier minds: Take a break care pack

Individual care packs to help those in need of some time out and mental recovery.

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Hot and tired supervisor sitting with colleague at construction site in sun

Developing healthier bodies: sun safety care pack

Care pack for those working in the sun to help protect their skin and provide education on good sun safety

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