Top 5 ways Bupa gives you more


Here are five reasons our 4.7 million health insurance members experience value every day.

  • Privacy when it counts 

Whether you choose a basic or top hospital cover with us, you’ll be covered for a private room in most private hospitals across Australia for the services included on your policy*.

  • Less to pay with Members First  

Our Members First network includes thousands of dentists, physios, chiros, podiatrists and optical healthcare providers nationwide. This means more choice, and, in most cases, less to pay.

  • Fewer surprises  

We believe you shouldn’t be blindsided by the cost of hospital treatment. We have agreements with most private hospitals and day surgeries across Australia to give you more certainty about your hospital visit well before you arrive.

  • 13SICK National Home Doctor’s Service

We understand that illness can strike anytime. That’s why we teamed up with 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service. As a Bupa member, you have complimentary access to their After Hours Plus membership. This means that when you need urgent medical care after-hours and book a bulk-billed home visit, should you require commonly prescribed medications, they will be provided on the spot at no cost. For more info visit;

  • Bupa Plus

Even when you’re in great health, there are still plenty of ways to get everyday value thanks to Bupa Plus. You’ll get access to an exclusive range of health discounts, tools and information to help you live a healthier, happier life. Visit


Get in touch if you would like to find out more about Bupa health insurance. Don’t forget to mention your company name if you have access to a Bupa corporate health plan.

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*Private room not covered for minimum benefit services or exclusions. At Bupa agreement hospitals only, Room availability and eligibility criteria apply. Applies to overnight admissions only. Excludes ‘nursing home type patients’, emergency care, same-day stays or where a private room is medically inappropriate.