Bupa skin check results in a great escape


For Richard, a Bupa Regional General Manager, it was an onsite Skin Check at a Bupa office that was his great escape from skin cancer. Richard opens the doors on his experience;

Tell us about your experience having a Skin Check at Bupa?

I had noticed the office posters and decided to book an appointment. In spite of having being born in Africa and then living in New Zealand, I had never had a skin/mole check and honestly, I kind of went along for the novelty experience. The nurse was really friendly and did a great job of educating me while she undertook the examination.

I am really pleased that I made the effort to go as the nurse discovered a suspicious mole at the back of my knee that she recommended I have further examined. It turned out that it was cancerous and I had it removed. Its location was such that I would not have readily seen it or noticed any change in it. It was a real lucky escape and I was exceptionally grateful to the nurse for spotting it as well as to Bupa for providing the Skin Check.

What lifestyle changes did you make after having a Skin Check?

I had always gone out in the sun with a hat, however was very slack about applying sun screen. This slackness extended to the family and so we all now make absolutely certain that when we are out and about that the sunscreen is applied. This was a real behaviour change that was made easier by the discovery of the cancer and the awareness that I had had a lucky escape.

If you could give your colleagues any advice about skin safety, what would it be?

Always be diligent about preventative measures and remember that it can happen to anyone. My wife and I now have 6 monthly check-ups to ensure that we are monitoring our skin and can pick up any issues early. I had a lucky break with early detection and so we no longer leave things to chance.

Has the Skin Check helped you to be healthier?

Absolutely, I am now more diligent about protecting my skin and ensuring that my family and I are taking sensible and practical steps to protect ourselves.