Making every day a good day


There are many ways you can build a happier, higher-performing culture within your workplace. We’re here to help you do that.

Our ‘Good day, every day’ campaign uses practical strategies and activities to encourage face-to-face, social connection to help boost mental wellbeing. Fostering a ‘Good day, every day’ can lead to a more engaged, inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

In today’s digital world, people often need prompting to take time away from their devices and build better human connections. Social psychology studies indicate that feeling a sense of belonging, whether at work or at play, is an important intrinsic motivator. There is also good evidence that strong social connections can generally help make people happier and even physically healthier.

With that insight, our campaign is built all around the idea that every person deserves to have a good day, every day. It encourages social connection – to not only aid in making the workday more engaging and rewarding, but also to help your team to be more attuned to the signs that someone might be struggling.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sending through a range of content and suggested activities to encourage better social connections at every level of your organisation. For a detailed campaign and support structure download our calendar here.


A holistic approach to healthier cultures.

At Bupa we believe in taking a holistic approach to workplace health. The campaign will focus on highlighting the key cultural factors from our model including-

  • Healthy leadership. How leaders in your organisation can promote, encourage and help build a healthier culture.
  • Health benefits. Access to relevant healthcare needs such as health insurance, medical and wellness services.
  • Social connections.  Encouraging a connected culture – through activities and initiatives like team building, or a chat over a coffee with a co-worker.
  • Mental Health Month. October is Mental Health Month – and we’ll support you as you lead the conversation on some of the most important issues affecting employee wellbeing today.


There are also a range of solutions that Bupa can deliver.

  • Motivational speakers*: The Bupa Motivational speakers encourage employees to consider and explore aspects of their health and lifestyle. The sessions can prompt individual motivation and promote wellness within the work setting that can link to other wellness activities.
  • Mental health and wellbeing seminars: These sessions are designed to encourage empathy, open lines of communication and facilitate strong and positive social connections. Through doing so, the sessions aim to help individuals develop personal strategies for maintaining or improving their mental wellbeing within the workplace in a supportive environment.
  • Health events and lounges: Our Wellness Events are designed to break down barriers to get people talking about and participating in activities around a specific health theme. They’re a great way to launch new internal initiatives, offers, and to promote existing health services and benefits.

We hope you get involved with our ‘Good day, every day’ campaign as we can all do our bit to promote a healthier workplace culture – one where every day is much more likely to be a good day.

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