Standing up for those who sit down


When you think about it, many of us spend as much time at our desks during the day as we do in our beds at night. Let that sink in for a moment. An equal amount of time sitting in a chair working as we do in a bed sleeping.

With large numbers of the workforce in sedentary roles, more and more workplaces are looking at ways of addressing these extended periods of sitting and inactivity.

But how we sit is just as important as how long we sit for.

As usual, we’re here to help with some out of the cubicle thinking that will make it easy for your employees to straighten up and improve their wellbeing.

Ergonomic desk assessments

As technical as it sounds, this just means ensuring your workspace meets your needs and is a comfortable place for you to be. In an age of hot-desking, role-sharing and ‘the office of everywhere’, knowing the best way to set up your workspace up can have huge benefits to your posture, back health and overall wellbeing. A Bupa physiotherapist can advise you on the basic principles of how and why this helps, and make on-the-spot adjustments to improve individual workstations. They can also provide recommendations for further action to improve your workspace, including sit to stand desk assessments if they’re suitable for you.

Roaming Stretching Sessions

The perfect antidote to sitting still for too long is getting up and about. Our facilitated Roaming Stretching Sessions guide small groups through some quick exercises that break up the day and help reduce muscle tension. A stretch here and a shake out there can make all the difference to a deskbound day. You’ll also receive some exercise tip sheets to keep the team motivated.

To make your workspace work better for you, give your Bupa work health advisor a call today.