Time to put Mum first


Ask any mum and they will most likely tell you that pregnancy and the months after the arrival of a new baby can be a bit of a rollercoaster.

That’s why mental health experts in Australia are keen to get the message out to all expecting, new and experienced parents about the importance of emotional wellbeing during this exciting, challenging, and often uncertain period.

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with industry leading researchers, specialists and mums to develop mummatters – a handy mobile tool that helps mums and mums-to-be look after their emotional wellbeing. As well as helping women monitor their emotional health and wellbeing, and providing some personalised feedback, mummatters suggests steps to help women stay emotionally well, and guides the user to relevant support and resources.

The talented Audra Millis and her colleagues from our Medical team developed the tool, in collaboration with specialists at St John of God Health Care, and researchers at the University of New South Wales, together with feedback from mums and mums-to-be themselves.

Audra has drawn from her personal experience in creating the tool. She says the tool is close to her heart as it aims to empower women to self-manage their emotional wellbeing pre- and post-pregnancy.

Michaela Fox, blogger and mum of four young daughters, says managing the demands of motherhood can be tough.

“Motherhood is a deeply fulfilling experience but it is also challenging and confronting. It’s taken me a while to realise that giving back to myself is not selfish and it’s not a luxury – it’s a necessity,” Michaela said.

“These days I make it a habit to regularly check in with my emotional well-being and prioritise ‘me time’. And that’s why I think the mummatters tool is an essential tool for new mums. The reality is being healthy and happy in yourself has direct benefits for the whole family.”

Dawn Rieniets who appears in our brand campaign, struggled with postnatal depression after giving birth to her first child and says it’s vital that mums ensure their tanks are topped up to look after their families.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of self-care when you’re a new mother. It’s nearly impossible to care for an infant and family when you are operating on fumes,” Dawn said.

See Dawn’s story

If any of your employees have recently had a baby, or have one on the way, we recommend you help support them to look after their emotional wellbeing by directing them to bupa.com.au/mummatters.

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