Why winter is a great time for skin checks


We’re rugged up, drinking soup from big mugs and warming our frosty toes by the fire. In other words, it’s a perfect time of year to be screened for skin cancers. Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Here’s a quick guide on why encouraging employee skin checks in winter could turn you into the office superhero.

For starters, our skin is more likely to be settled and trauma free in the winter. By that, we mean it’s less likely that you’ve just spent your day at the beach or walking around in the strong midday sun. This makes it easier for your skin and any existing moles to be checked.

Also, skin cancers don’t just appear overnight. They can take months or even years to develop. So, sun damage from a previous summer may not actually catch up with you until much later.

During summer, we generally have more skin exposed, so we’re more likely to spot new moles or changes on our skin. When we’re rugged up in our winter woollies, these changes aren’t as visible to us, which is why it’s important we keep checking our skin during the colder months.

We recommend getting skin checks by a health professional every year along with regular self-checks. Become familiar with your skin, and if you notice any change in shape, colour, or size of a mole, or a new mole develops, consult your doctor immediately.

Whether your employees spend a lot of time outdoors or not, introducing on-site skin checks can help keep sun-safety at the front of your employees’ minds all year-round. Plus, everyone benefits from education, awareness and peace of mind. It’s a small gesture that could make a life-saving difference.

So, get a head start before summer comes around and book in that winter skin check!