Creating healthier cultures: social connection packs

There are a number of ways to build a happier, higher performing workplace – and promoting a healthier culture is one of them.

In today’s digital world, people often need prompting to take time away from their devices and build better human connections. Social psychology studies indicate that feeling a sense of belonging, whether at work or at play, is an important intrinsic motivator. There is also good evidence that strong social connections can generally help make people happier and even physically healthier.

What to expect:

Bupa has designed a Good Day Every Day pack that uses practical tools and tips to encourage face-to-face, social connection – and can lead to a more engaged, more inclusive workplace culture at every level of your organisation.

Included in your campaign pack is:

  1. 5 x campaign posters – Start spreading the word by displaying our ‘Good Day Every Day’ posters in high traffic areas.
  2. 5 x Team talk card packs – The Bupa team talk cards can assist with igniting a wellbeing conversation between individuals and within larger groups, to help build understanding, empathy and trust, fostering supportive environments and healthy conversations into the future. Each deck of cards contains 10 cards, each with a different conversation starter.
  3. 15 x social connection wobblers – There will be 3 versions of wobblers available to place in hot-spots around your environment such as meal or waiting areas. Each a fun reminder to everyone to connect with each other.
  4. 50 x campaign stickers – Our campaign stickers are a fun and creative way to engage everyone and have the message spread everywhere.
  5. Engagement & communications plan



To order a campaign pack for your organisation, please contact your Partnership Manager directly or email us at

Campaign packs are $90 each. Delivery is included.

Try bundling with:

Good Day Every Day packs can be used to support our mental health seminars and workshops and motivational speaker’s sessions.

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