Developing healthier bodies: Health Checks

Every year many Australians miss the chance to better manage their health by not knowing some key information. But regular health checks can be a great way for your employees to find some of their risks and get a snapshot of how healthy they are.

Your organisation will receive a clear indication of the current health status of employees broken down by level of risk, age and gender compared to population health guidelines and the Bupa benchmark for working Australians. These insights can assist with identifying the key areas of focus for interventions within a workplace health plan. Results can also be used as the base line measure for long term evaluation of risk management and return on investment.

What to expect

Checks are conveniently provided onsite by an experienced registered nurse who considers pre-existing conditions. The appointments range from 10-30 minutes depending on the inclusions selected, which can be customised to suit a workplace’s health needs. Inclusions can vary from essential biometrics (e.g. blood glucose and cholesterol levels), to physical and mental wellbeing factors. If further follow-up is required, the participant will be recommended to seek further advice with a GP or suitable health professional. Employees will be given the opportunity to receive professional health advice and set short term health goals. They will take away a detailed health information booklet to provide further education and documented results that can be taken to a GP for further testing if required

Try bundling with

Bupa’s Online Health Assessment. This assessment will give you a good indication of the current health status of you workforce. It will allow employees to input the results of their health checks, track progress over time to gain greater insight into their wellbeing, and gain feedback on other health behaviours.

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